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Our Story

There is truly nothing better than working with your hands and working with your family. What started in the mid-2010s as a distraction of sorts after reluctantly closing a different business, Faxon Farms Pure Maple Syrup had its humble beginnings as Tommy Traxler worked alongside his dad to tap some Maple trees on the family farm. The duo spent hours cooking the sap down on a kitchen stove in a makeshift syrup shack.

That first winter gave Tommy an idea and in the coming years he grew that idea from a few dozen taps to a few hundred taps and now, in 2022, his still-growing venture counts over 5,000 taps across over 100 acres of wooded property. 

Tommy now calls the home where he grew up his own and has steadily grown and improved his processes, equipment, and facilities. 

You can find Faxon Farms Pure Maple Syrup and other Maple syrup-related products at the Big Yellow Candy Barn between Jordan and Belle Plaine, MN, a variety of farmer's markets and craft markets throughout Minnesota and the Dakotas and now right here on this website!